Quick weekend in Berlin

So, Friday morning in Glasgow but time again to check in for a flight 24 hours ahead.  We’d booked this using some “left over” Avios when I was trying to clear accounts before the devaluation earlier this year, so I only had enough points for an economy Reward Flight Saver redemption – sorry to those who don’t expect me to be anywhere other than 1C…
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Arrival at Glasgow Airport and quickly through FastTrack to the BA Lounge (or “GLounge”).  The staff, as always, were great and the lounge remains a step above the previous version.  For those who don’t know this used to be the old bmi Diamond Club, and in those times you used to be able to board the flight directly from a magic door at the back without having to go to the gate.  BA introduced this feature for a short while in 2012 before they moved to this location.  Although they moved lounges, the planes stayed in the same place so now you need to walk the length of the pier to force through to the FastTrack lane to get on board.  That, combined with the tendency of the lounge/gate staff to over-compensate, means that you inevitably end up standing about in a scrum of people waiting to board.  Still, I’m not one to complain.  I could be on Ryanair…
The “GLounge”.  This is one of the first BA lounges to be done up after T5 opened, and seems to have been copied in a few other locations.  (Edinburgh anyone).  (I didn’t think so).  It’s very nice, and the staff are consistently great, but the musak they play first thing in the morning is just annoying!

My first Trip Report – please be kind (and probably a bit patient, as it may take some time to arrive)!


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